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Meet the Governors

The governing body's main role is:

- to provide a sense of direction for the work of the school.

- to support and challenge the work of the school.

- to hold the school to account for the quality of education it provides and the standards achieved.


The governors are made up of parent, staff and co-opted governors. They meet as a Full Governing Body up to six times a year.  They have delegated responsibilities within committees and these committees meet at least three times a year.


The Curriculum and Standards Committee is responsible for ensuring that Cam Everlands provides a wide - ranging and balanced curriculum for our pupils. We monitor teaching and pupil achievement in order to improve standards and ensure high expectations.


The Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee is responsible for the financial management of the school, which includes approving the budget and monitoring all expenditure. The committee ensures that the premises are regularly maintained and meet all health and safety requirements. It also overseas the appointment procedure of all staff, performance management and well-being.




Our co-opted governors have been appointed by the Full Governing Body.

Parent governors have been appointed by our parents and the staff governor was appointed by our staff