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Seating position and pencil grip


Pen and Pencil hold



  • The pencil should be held between the second finger and the thumb. The first finger should rest lightly on the pencil.

  • The barrel of the pencil should rest against the knuckle at the base of the first finger, pointing outwards above the elbow.

  • The pencil should be held about two centimetres from the paper - a little higher for left-handers.

  • The side of the forearm and the third and little fingers should lightly touch the paper.


Body position 


  • Lean forward a little but do not lean on the desk


  • Do not lean sideways or twist the body


  • The head should not be too near the paper


  • The feet should be on the floor


  • The elbows should be near the edge of the desk and the arms should be spread out away from the body


  • Do not sit stiffly. A comfortable position is necessary so that the hand and arm can move freely