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We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate


Maths work sheet Mrs Rawlings Penguins- Follow the video and then complete both pages. Artic foxes complete the first page only.

Science digestion

Draw a picture to show some of the plagues that were sent by God to Egypt

PE Yoga

Today we will continue with our yoga quest.

Please use the links from last Friday to continue with your journey


This year, Children’s Mental Health Week runs from 1st – 7th February and we have decided that to promote this in school and at home we would like every pupil and staff member to take part in our ‘heart exhibition’. We would like everyone (and that can include all members of your family if they’d like to join in) to create a heart which reflects their feelings. Have a think about all the feelings in your heart right now. Which colour are you going to use for each feeling?

You can either print the blank one attached or draw your own. You could use pencil crayons, felt tip pens, paint, pastels or collage to symbolise your feelings. You could also include a key to show which colour represents which feelings. We have been inspired by Jim Dine's picture below (he painted many more hearts that you can find on the internet - this one is a favourite). He uses bright bold colours, dark outlines and his painting are full of texture.

When you have finished your beautiful heart picture, we would like you to display your heart(s) in your window so that our community can see them – and you’ll be able to go for a walk to spot everyone else’s tooorate a heart . Use the template  or design your own. We will put the ones we do in class on our window and would love it if you did the same at home.


heart picture

heart template