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Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Geography - Rivers

Will the Dam hold back the water?

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Oz tests the dam that he designed and made. Is it structurally sound? Did he put enough cement in between the bricks? Watch ans see.

Geography- Stages of a River

Physical Geography in English Stages of A RIVER

The River Severn From Source to Mouth

Downstream changes along the River Severn

A river tour from a member of our class

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Little River Stream Table Time Lapse

BYU's Department of Geological Sciences recently acquired a new stream table from Little River Research and Design. Shown here is a time lapse of the stream ...

Create a river in a tray challenge

Why Do Rivers Curve?

We're now on Patreon! Please support us at: Can you find an oxbow lake in GoogleEarth? Share your findings (pictures or co...

Meandering River - dyed red - Emriver Em2

Not much here but a meandering river trying to find the fastest way to the bottom. It was mostly just a test to see how the new dye looked on the camera. It ...

Why Do Rivers Have Deltas?

Where rivers meet the ocean, coastlines tend to bend either inward or outward, creating estuaries and deltas. But how do they get those shapes? A huge thank-...