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We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Helpful information


Please contact the school office before 9.30am to notify us of any absence. If a pupil will be arriving late (perhaps due to dental/medical appointment) and they require a cooked lunch please let us know which meal option they would like.

If you are considering taking your child/ren out of school during term time you will need to complete a request form and send into school at seven days prior to the absence.  Forms are available from the office or to download (bottom of page).

If your child suffers from asthma please ensure there is an inhaler and spacer, if required, (both named) in school at all times, remember to ask your doctor for an extra prescription. The inhalers are kept in each classroom and parents are asked to check regularly that there is sufficient medication in the inhaler and that it is in date.

Cartons of milk are available at break-time. Orders and payments are made directly to Cool Milk at School. Children under the age of five and those in receipt of free school meals are entitled to free milk, however, parents still need to contact Cool Milk at School. Forms are available from the school office or contact them directly at
For those not wanting milk, water is acceptable and available. Children can bring in non-spill drinking bottles to drink from during lessons or at break. 
Other drinks are not allowed except with lunch.

There is no legal duty which requires school staff to administer medication; this is a voluntary role (The Department for Education and Employment, 1996)

Parents are encouraged to ask their doctor to prescribe medication in dose frequencies such that it can be taken out of school hours. If this is not possible then the medication must be brought into school in a container labelled with the child's name, the name and dose of the drug, the frequency of administration and, if necessary, an appropriate spoon. A consent form must also be completed and signed by a parent, this form can be collected from the school office or downloaded (bottom of page). Some members of staff at Cam Everlands have volunteered to give prescribed medication. However, if the school staff do not volunteer or it is not practical to support administering the prescribed medicine, then parents will need to make arrangements to come into school to administer.  Please note 'over the counter' medicines will not be administered by school staff and again parents will have to make arrangements should they wish to administer these non-prescribed medicines e.g Calpol and throat sweets.

Music Tuition
Pupils can learn the violin from Year 2 onwards, and from Year 3 the Keyboard/piano. Violins can be hired (fee payable) from the County Council, or children can use their own.  Tuition fees are also payable directly to the tutor. Contact the school office for enquiry form (or download form below).


Our preferred method of payment is via ParentPay.  Please ask at the office for your activation codes.
School meals are payable in advance via ParentPay

Breakfast Club is payable in advance via ParentPay

Everlanders is payable  in advance via ParentPay

PE Kit
White t-shirt; navy shorts; trainers - with fastenings that the children can do themselves
Juniors may have lessons on wet grass so old trainers are ideal. Also, some of their PE lessons are likely to be outside in the cold, so navy joggers, long socks and a sweatshirt to be kept in their PE bags is recommended.
PE kit needs to be in school at all times, kept in a royal blue drawstring bag, in the cloakroom. Draw-string bags are required as they are not too big and can be easily hung from the pegs.

Please label everything that comes into school.

Ear-studs must be removed for all PE lessons (including swimming lessons). If you child is not able to to this themselves please remove them at home prior to coming to school.


Swimming: Lessons are held at Dursley Pool and they request that children do not wear bikinis or shorts; that long hair is tied back/hat worn; no Wax/Gel in hair; ear-studs removed; goggles may be worn provided they are adjusted correctly for the child and that they know how to wear and remove them.

School Meals
Children have a choice of bringing in a packed lunch or ordering a cooked meal. The cooked meals are provided by Caterlink, they are cooked at Dursley Primary School and brought to Cam Everlands in insulated boxes and then transferred to a heated unit where the food is kept at the correct temperature. Children select their main course each morning at registration (if they are expected arrive late to school please let the office know their meal choice as meals need to be ordered by 9.30am). Meals currently cost £2.34 each unless the child is entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) or is in KS1, where all children are entitled to free meals (UIFSM). Meals must be paid for in advance via ParentPay, please contact the school office if you require more information about this method.  A copy of the menu can be viewed on the Parents > School Lunches tab of this website.
Packed lunches can be sent in. As part of a healthy school we talk to the children about eating a balanced and healthy diet and this includes home packed lunches. Children are encouraged to eat what they bring into school and take home any food they haven't eaten. Any drinks sent in should not be fizzy or in cans or glass containers.

School Hours
The school day is 8.50am - 3.15pm
Infant lunchtime: 12 noon - 1pm Junior lunchtime: 12.15pm - 1.15pm

The office is open from 8.30am each day.  The playground entrances open at 8.40am, with pupils being in their classrooms by 8.50am for registration.  Unsupervised children should not arrive at school before 8.40am.

School Uniform
Please refer to the school uniform policy, which can be found on the policies section of the website.

Medical Consent Form