Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Learning log

Our SS Great Britain trip was great fun! A Victorian inspection, a trip to Bristol and a whole day immersed in learning about the fastest ship in its time!

We made Turkish pide during our week in Istanbul. Served with hummus and Tsatziki, it was delicious!

Wellbeing afternoon - we had a junk modelling challenge to make a fabulous bridge!

Charlotte and Emily at the KNex Final representing Cam Everlands with a fantastic entry of a moving arm! Well done girls!

World Book Day March 2019. Snuggled up in our PJs we read our newly written stories to KS1 and they loved it!!

Following the presentation to parents about teaching of maths to Y5 and Y6, please see the powerpoint to confirm what we all learnt!

Making some great shapes during gymnastics

Making some great shapes during gymnastics 1

A fabulous day at SS Great Britain. Lots of compliments about our fabulous costumes and we managed to launch the ship that changed the world!

John Parsons, author of Ten Quests among other books, came to visit Y5 today with his wife, Jen (previously a teacher herself).  He spent an hour with us, telling us all about his books, his illustrations and being an author.  It was fascinating!  We learned that John's Grandson Theo and Granddaughter Darcy were the inspiration for his books as they begged him to write down the stories he used to tell them.  all his books have the number 10 as a theme - 10 Kingdoms tells the story of Scott killing the wicked witch, 10 Elements tells about Scott getting a girlfriend and facing the Evil wizard Snosrap (Parsons back to front).  He brought his manuscripts in and all his illustrations which he drew himself.  We had a fascinating time and John kindly signed our copies of his books for us.  He has written to us since his visit, thanking our class for his lovely visit to us and congratulating us on our lovely, polite class!  Good to hear!
Ross Probert came to visit Y5 today to teach us all about gravity.  We learned that gravity kept us from spinning into the sun, that Sir Isaac Newton invented gravity and that earth's gravity keeps the moon in position due to its large mass and its larger gravitational pull.  The children loved having Evan's big brother in and enjoyed the experiment showing gravity.  Thank you Ross!
Lots of creative cookery from Logan and Lee inspired by space - and sweet too!  Thank you boys

Alien visitor came to Year 5 to help us understand their planet!

Picture 1
The great K-nex challenge this year was won by Emily and Charlotte who will go on to compete next April at the finals!  We wish them lots of luck with their innovative invention!

European language day led by students from Rednock - welcome to Cafe Everlands!