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We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate


Cooking at the camp

Choose a preposition ( where something is)  and add  to the sentences.

Make sure it makes sense by checking with the picture.


 in front of         on       behind      next to


1. The pots are ________ the cooker.

2. The blue basket is _______ the cooker.

3. The cooker is _______ the tent.

4. The tent is ______ the water bottle.



Choose one of the adverbs ( describing how something/someone does an action) and add to the sentences  below:


loudly         hungrily        slowly        sadly


5. She stirred the sauce ____________.

6. He __________ shouted, " Dinner is ready!"

7. Maya whispered __________ , " I miss my friends."

8. The children ________ waited for their lunch.


Choose a conjunction to add to the sentences below:

and, but, so, then, because, if, finally, after


9. Akram was feeling sad _____ he missed home.

10. He missed his friends ________ he missed his dad.

11. Everyone he had met at the camp was kind to him _____ it wasn't the same as being back home in the village.

12. His mum noticed he was having a bad day ________ she decided to make his favourite camp meal: vegetable curry and rice.

13. ___________ anything could cheer Akram up, it was food!

14. ___________ dinner, Akram's mum gave him a big hug.

15. _________the family shared funny stories about their life in the village.

16. _______, it was time to go to bed.