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Writing a setting


Go to the bbc web page below and watch the first video.

Then look at activity 1.

If you are unsure watch my video.

Setting Part 1

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Settings part 2

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Activity 1

Read the following setting description and write down any words that you think are impressive.

For example: enormous

Top tip! Think of 'impressive words' as 'wow words'. They are words that make you say wow!


The enormous trees loomed over the mossy green floor and stared down at the creatures below. Thin slivers of sunlight shone between the thick, dense leaves and created spotlights on the beautiful flowers underneath. There was a hum of noise: bees buzzing, monkeys howling, leaves rustling and birds calling. The air was thick with heat. Suddenly, the sky erupted and a downpour of water hit the treetops making a rumbling sound. The colours were incredible! Bright blue bugs, glorious green plants and stunning pinks, yellows and oranges from the unique flowers ran through the vast space.


Now choose the three best words from your list.

Write one sentence using each word.

Top tip! If you are unsure what your 'wow words' mean, you could look in a dictionary or an online dictionary to find out