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Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate


A letter from Mum


When David has just settled into his new home in Devon, he receives this letter from his mother:


Dear David,

I hope you're being a good boy for your host family. Remember your manners all the time and make sure you help around the house.


I bet you are having a lovely time in the countryside. It must be great having all that space to play and all that fresh air. You must let me know all the things you have been up to since you arrived.


Are you being good at school? I hope you are listening to your teacher and working hard. What is your new school like and how are your classmates? Do they talk funny


I miss you very much. I'm now in an ack-ack-battery in Kent. I'm living by the sea and I'm sure you would love some of the beaches nearby. We'll come back here together when the war is over.


Be brave my darling. Remember to keep your chin up and not cry. You have to be the grown man now and mummy loves you very much.


Be good,

all my love,



Read the letter above from David's mother.

Arctic Foxes : 1-4

Penguins : 1- 7

Polar Bears : 1- 10

If you can do them all that would be great.

Now answer the questions:

1. Who wrote the letter?

2. Who is the letter for?

3. What does she remind David to do all the time?

4. What does host mean?

5. What does his mother think about the countryside?

6. What does his mum want to find out about from David?

7. Where is his mother when she wrote this letter?

8. Does his mother miss him? How do you know this?

9. What does she write to keep David thinking positively?

10. Is this a formal or informal letter?