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We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Written in March by William Wordsworth

Written in march by William Wordsworth


Written in March

Monday - copy the poem in your best handwriting using a blue pen.



Tuesday what do these words mean?

Use the online dictionary or our class dictionaries.

1. retreat

2. defeat

3. bare

4. prevail

5. fare

6. hath

7. doth

Wednesday- I am so confused!!!!

There, they're, their


Which is which????

​​​​​​​After watching the videos write some sentences to show you understand which is which.



When to Use They're, Their, or There: Using Homophones for Kids - FreeSchool

They're, their, and there. They sound the same, but they are not interchangeable! If you're not sure which version of they're/their/there is right for you, w...

Their There They're - Homophones Song - Educational Music Video

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Thursday- answer the questions


  1. What is flowing?
  2. What is eating in the field?
  3. What animals are twittering?
  4. Why are the cows not raising their heads?
  5. Who are working in the fields?
  6. Why is the lake glittering?
  7. What has happened to the snow and why?
  8. Why is the Ploughboy so happy?
  9. What season is this poem about and what is the evidence telling you this?
  10. Pick your favourite three lines from this poem and explain why you chose them.