Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Eco Council

We are proud owners of the GREEN FLAG AWARD. smiley

Eco Council was set up in 2022. The first eco council obtained recognition of their hard work through the award of The Green Flag.

Eco Council meet with Mrs Brunet-Lua on an alternate Wednesday afternoon. Together, they complete an environmental audit of the school and then draw an action plan to make the school more eco-friendly. 


Eco Councillors 2023-2024: 


Year 1= Alexander and George

Year 2= Peyton and Finley S-J

Year 3= Minnie and Noah 

Year 4= Isla and Jasmine 

Year 5= Maya and Sabina 

Year 6= 

Westonbirt Community Woodland Project - Tree Planting March 2024 - Next step in the project and we planted 145 trees!

2022-2023 Action Plan

Some 2022-2023 actions:

Planting trees with the Lions Club in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth

Improving recycling in the school - Big Battery Hunt gathered 75kg of batteries sent to be recycled, whole school assembly on why and how we can recycle better at school and more.

Reduction of electricity use through making others aware when they need to switch off plugs and lights. 

Making the school grounds more environmental friendly through No Mow May, making birdfeeders and wildlife habitats with Mr Kinsley. 

Initiating work with Westonbirt Arboretum on their New Community Woodland project.

Westonbirt Arboretum New Community Woodland Project

Simon Goulding, Neighbourhood Warden at Stroud District Council explaining the details of recycling.