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We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

School Association

The School Association and what can you do?


The aim of the School Association is to organise both fund-raising and social events.

Every parent is automatically a member of the association.  Committee meeting are usually held at the school and start at  7pm and last a couple of hours.  Look out for notices at the school, or on the Calendar Page, to confirm the time and location.

At the meeting following the AGM (held in October), events for the following 12 months are decided. At the other meetings recent events are discussed; what was good, what could be improved/altered, would a similar event be held in the future?  For up-coming events the talk is about what help is needed and who is available to help.  Do refreshments, prizes, other consumables need buying and who can get what. What advertising is required.

The Association members and Teachers all have the opportunity to suggest what the funds should be spent on.

Events held in recent years include: Race Night; Beetle Drive; Beer & Bingo; Childrens Disco; Kick the Kat; Jumble Sale; Summer and Christmas Fairs.

The two big fund-raisers are the Christmas and Summer Fairs, and these require a lot of planning and help.

Some events are 'family' events and are not meant to be fund-raisers - hopefully they will make a small profit but the main aim is for an enjoyable evening.
Events such has the Beetle Drive and Bingo are for all the family (including pre-school children) and tend to have a earlier start.  You don't need to ask Grandparents to baby-sit (or pay for a baby-sitter), bring them along and all the family can have an inexpensive night out together.

Other fund-raising activities that the Association are involved with include:
Sale of nearly new/second-hand uniform; collection of supermarket vouchers; producing calendars and tea-towels.
Association members are also involved with providing refreshments a various events at the school.

The money raised from such events have gone towards:
Tickets for the Pantomime at Cheltenham; Copper Kingdom (play area between the two playgrounds); sports kit; stage lighting in the hall; 'wooden kitchen' in Reception Classroom; refurbishment of the library; updating the kitchen.

If you can spare a couple of hours each term then why not come along to the committee meetings. Do no worry if you can't make eveyone, just come when you can, you'll get the notes from all the meetings.  By coming along doesn't mean you'll be expected to make suggestions or volunteer to help at events.  The meetings give you the opportunity to have a chat with other parents and find out what's happening at the school.
Or perhaps you can help at events but not attend the meetings, just let a committee member know or leave a message at the school office or email