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Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

What do governors do?

The governing body's main role is:


  • to provide a sense of strategic direction for the school
  • to support and challenge the work of the school
  • to hold the school to account for the quality of education it provides and the standards achieved
  • to oversee the financial performance of the school and ensure that money is well spent
  • to engage with pupils, staff, parents and the wider community to understand their views


School governors are volunteers who work together with the Headteacher to deliver the best education for the children at Cam Everlands. Generally, school governors are not specialists in education. Instead, much of the role is about exercising common sense – and of course working together in the best interests of the children.


The board of governors at Cam Everlands are there to question and challenge the school’s leaders on the standards of educational performance. Ultimately, they work with the school to ensure that all children receive the best opportunities to learn in an environment in which they feel happy and secure.


The full governing board meets every half term (six times a year). Meetings last around an hour or so and are lively and interactive and are held virtually and/or in person. The governing body is made up of parent, staff and co-opted governors, each governor having a delegated subject area. 


Most of our current governors work full time and manage to fit in their role around their other commitments. Their motivation is invariably to make a positive contribution to something of fundamental importance – educating our children.


Governors are unpaid, doing what they do simply to try to make Cam Everlands the best school it can be. In return, they gain skills which they may not otherwise acquire, as well as getting a wider perspective on a key part of their community. Most importantly, governors get the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to make a difference to the Cam Everlands’ community.


Our co-opted governors have been appointed by the Full Governing Body.


Parent governors have been appointed by our parents and the staff governor was appointed by our staff