Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

School Council

Our school council, elected by their class peers at the beginning of the year, meet on a Thursday afternoon with Mrs Brunet-Lua. At each meeting, they discuss ideas brought to them by children in their class and work on different projects together. 


Our school councillors this year are: 

Year 6: Tarik and Morgan

Year 5: Layla and Ashton

Year 4: Ellie and Edward

Year 3: Sky and Kai

Year 2: Lewis and Isla

Year 1: Nausicaa and Ted












Term 5: Gardening Area Makeover

Term 4: We completed an environmental review of the school, drew an action from it and decided on priorities. We then bought an indoor plant for each classroom with the money raised in Term 2, organised an Easter Egg raffle to raise funds for the gardening area and implemented a regular no electricity hour/low electricity afternoon. 


Term 3: We got involved in the new headteacher's interviews, deciding on our own questions, meeting with the candidates and explaining who we thought fitted in the best and why.


Term 2: We organised a second hand Christmas sale to raise funds for our classrooms. We think it is very important to provide second hand alternatives as prices of brand new jumpers are very high and we grow out of our clothes very quickly!

Term 1: We organised the Harvest foodbank collection and our Year 6 councillors delivered the lot to the Foodbank @ GL11 where they learnt all about how the donations are sorted and distributed to local families.