Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Cam Everlands Primary School

We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

School Assembly


At Cam Everlands we have an assembly every day. Each assembly has a different purpose.


Monday assemblies tend to take on a theme for the half term. In the past themes have included – our code of conduct, stories that have a moral, people who help us etc and remind children about British values.

Currently each term, we will focus on one of the British Values and explore them through our assembly PSHE sessions in class:

Autumn Term 1 - Democracy

Autumn Term 2 - Mutual Respect

Spring Term 1 - Individual Liberty

Spring Term 2 - Rule of Law

Summer Term 1 - Tolerance

Summer Term 2 – Cam Everlands Primary School - a great place to learn!


On a Tuesday the children meet together as a class group either in their own classroom or the hall for a Circle time. The circle time focuses on issues that children want to put forward. The children come together to solve problems for each other. Circle times are a good opportunity for speaking and listening to others. As a vehicle for learning, circle time fosters a sense of community. Although it supports the development of all children – each child, regardless of ability, can experience a feeling of belonging to the group during circle time. Circle time enhances the social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspect of the curriculum.


Our Wednesday assemblies are music assemblies taken by our Leading Teacher for Music.

These assemblies include a wide range of songs. Songs are often sung in relation to upcoming events and themes. For example – the school song, the Olympics, The World Cup, Anti- Bullying week, Eco songs about litter and waste, Harvest songs, songs from other cultures, songs in other languages, songs relating to various religious festivals and Christmas Carols.


Once a week teachers take it in turn to lead an assembly. The teachers try to make the assemblies interactive and fun in order to really engage the children. They dress up, dress children up, use power points, use photos, use puppets and lots of other story telling props.


Friday is our whole school assembly. The assembly is led by the Head teacher.

At this assembly we all meet together in the main hall to celebrate special achievements. We give out star of the week awards, each teacher awards 1 star of the week certificate to a member of their class. Reasons for awards range from being kind, trying very hard, to excellent pieces of work across the whole curriculum.  Teachers also awards their mathematician and writer of the week.                                                                                   

Other awards given that may be given out can include- Reading Challenge certificates, award certificates to teams – e.g football, athletics etc and also allow individuals to share awards they have achieved from outside school – e.g karate, dance or music etc.                                                                                                       

 At this assembly we also read out the House point totals for the week and award a cup to the tidiest classroom. We also name children who have passed their maths passport for being able to have quick recall of their mental arithmetic.

Parents of children who are going to receive an award are invited to join our assembly.