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We Believe, Achieve and Celebrate

Reception Starters 2023

Choosing the right school for your child is an incredibly important decision for parents. Everyone wants to make sure that they are making the choice which is best for their child. We understand this and hope that you choose our wonderful school.


In order to make the transition from nursery or pre-school provision as smooth as possible, and to help us get to know as much as possible about you and your child, we have a range of dates to share information and feel confident that you and your child will be ready for September!

Typical arrangements


Parents' Welcome Evening - Wednesday 24th May, 6.30pm to 7.30pm 


Once you have chosen our school, we invite you to come in to school to meet the Headteacher, Reception class teacher and the rest of the infant teaching staff. You will receive a 'Starting School' pack which will contain lots of information and advice. You will also have the opportunity to visit the infant classrooms to see where your child will be learning. 


School Fair - Everfest - Friday 23rd June


Everfest is our school fair which is organised by our School Association (often called a PTA) each year. Various stands and stalls are run and great fun is had by all. It's a really good way to meet staff and parents in an informal setting and get involved.


Picnic on the field - Thursday 29th June 1.00pm to 2.30pm


This relaxed event is, as the title suggests, a picnic on the school field. We invite parents to bring a blanket and something to eat, mingle with other new parents and possibly even arrange some playdates for the children! 


Home visits - Monday 3rd July to Thursday 6th July


Sometimes, families want to share some information in confidence and we feel home visits are the perfect opportunity to do this. On a date agreed the the new parents' evening, we visit your home to get to know you and your child on a more personal basis. It's a great time to share any worries or ask any questions. 


Starting school in September


In order for the children to settle into school gradually and to give staff an opportunity to get to know the children, we start them off on a part-time timetable. We have found that this helps them to build up the stamina they need for the full 5-day weeks! It also gives the staff time to undertake the Reception Baseline Assessments. At the Parent's Welcome Evening, you will find out if your child has been allocated Group A or Group B. 


Step 1- Tues 5th Sept to Fri 15th Sept

Group A - 8:45am to 11.00am inc. access to Breakfast Club

Group B - 12.45pm to 3.00pm inc. access for Everlanders After School Club


Step 2 - Mon 18th Sept to Fri 22nd Sept*

Group A and B - 8.45am to 11.45am inc. access to Breakfast Club


Step 3 - Mon 25th Sept to 29th Sept*

Group A and B - 8.45am to 1.30pm inc. access to Breakfast Club


Step 4 - Mon 2nd Oct onwards

All children are now full time, 8.50am to 3.15pm, with access to Breakfast Club and Everlanders After School Club


*During Step 2 and 3, all children will be invited to stay for an additional afternoon of baking fun. Your child will also complete their Reception Baseline Assessment in this session.